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"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats


"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats



“The Fat Cat" cat backpack is our international best-seller! It holds the most weight on the market — over 20 lbs of cat!

Our breathable cat backpack is great for larger "big boned" cats, 2 medium sized cats (yes, you can use it for two cats), or lots of kittens!

All of our styles have a clip and bungee for you to attach a leash so your cat can "hang out" of the backpack!

Scroll down for catstomer reviews!


Features include:

  • Clip inside to attach a leash
  • Bubble attachment
  • Screen attachment
  • Side pockets on both sides
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Strong mesh sides and top (no cat has broken through yet!)
  • Air holes in the front (seriously, we wouldn't sell something your fur babies couldn't breathe in)
  • Mat, removable


Want to see a bunch of our happy catstomers and "The Fat Cat" in action? Check out our article on why "The Fat Cat" is the best cat backpack and carrier out there.

Many of our cat backpack styles are airline approved. It depends on the airline. Learn more about that here.

Maximum Weight: Cats: 25lbs, Dogs: 17.6lbs || 11.5kg, 8kg


Size & Shipping Info.


15 x 11.4 x 17.7in

38 x 29 x 45cm


Bag itself weights about 2lbs || .9kg

Get a harness and leash for your furbaby, too!



More about shipping, etc in our FAQs


Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Easy to Carry, Sturdy Pack

The backpack is easy to carry - even on smaller frames (5'2"). Kitty had plenty of room - Xico is 11 lbs and just over 1 YO. The harness tethers well to the internal latch. The side pickets carry treats and water + water bowl easily. The internal pad cleans fast - I added an extra bad for comfort, but I am not sure it is needed. Xico and I have lots of adventures in store and this pack will make it easy for him to be comfy and enjoy the road.

Always knew I had an adventure kitty!

Every since my Jade was a kitten she has always been so curious and not scared of very much. I put a harness on her and she loved it! I lived in a heavy traffic area at the time though and she didn't like that. I would drive her other places to walk but I never felt safe with her roaming freely in the car. She even locked me out of my car while pumping my gas once! Luckily I coaxed her to step on the button again to unlock the doors! Hahaha

I stopped bringing her in the car for a few different reasons but always felt bad for doing so. When I found travel cat I fell in love!! This has been the only website that is descriptive enough to convince me a backpack is the best way to go. I received my Fat Cat Backpack about two weeks ago so I left it lay in my living room for about a week. I took Jade for her first adventure a week ago and loved it! She went in a little stream and was completely relaxed looking at the birds from inside her bubble while I hiked. She even had some paparazzi! I can't wait for this spring and summer to have my best friend with me on my adventures!

I'm ordering a harness and collar next because the one she is wearing in the photo below is too hot for summer and she currently does not have a collar. She's going to look so pretty 😊

Kip’s Mom

Kip loves his new means of travel. We are steadily working with him to be able to take him on long walks outside. He is very calm in it and enjoys the fresh air and bird songs that he hears.

We love it!

It’s perfect, my car fits perfect and she LOVES IT! I left it out so she could get used yo it and I’ve found her napping in the bag! It has been the best way to get her used to going outside again. After her trip to getting spayed she absolutely had a horrible time going outside but the bag has helped. She gets more comfortable going out and safe in her own space too. And the bubble window is part of her favorite things!!

Purrfect for a Spoiled Chonky Boy

My partner and I have a rather chonky 20lb (9kilo) kitty and he fits just perfectly in the 'Fat Cat' Backpack with enough room to spare that he can turn around comfortably and relax. It's so much better than any other carrier we've used (for him and us) and distributes his weight far better across one's back than a traditional carrier. Since we travel by foot mostly, this has been invaluable and we were even able to take him on a 10k hiking trip! He loves the security of the backpack and it even emboldened him to stick his head out and enjoy the breeze betwixt his whiskers. The one thing is that he hasn't yet realized he's supposed to put his head and not his bum in the portal, but I assume that will come with time. 5/5 highly recommend!