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"The Porta-Pawty" Travel Litter Box - Portable Bathroom for Cats


"The Porta-Pawty" Travel Litter Box - Portable Bathroom for Cats



"The Porta-Pawty" Travel Litter Box is the best portable litter box on the market; we personally designed it to have all features that we wished other portable cat litter boxes had, but didn’t! This reusable, foldable litter box is good for the environment and your wallet, and is lightweight and easy to pack, store and clean, making it the perfect addition to your #TravelCatLife!


Some unique features of "The Porta-Pawty" include:

  • A larger than normal size to better accommodate bigger cats and minimize the amount of litter kicked out and messes made.
  • A waterproof, seamless interior liner that prevents leaks and is easy to clean in between uses. We do suggest using a litter box liner for ease, but they are not necessary.
  • A zippered top cover that eliminates the risk of spillage during transportation while in use, and locks in odor. You’ll no longer need to worry about fully discarding the litter every time you want to move locations!
  • Handles on either side to easily move the litter box while it is open and full. Additional protection against spills!
  • A large, extra pocket on top of the cover that can be used to store a little scoop or extra kitty litter.
  • A handy snap on the front of the litter box when folded, keeping it compact and easy to pack and store.

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Size & Material

Dimensions(when open):

19 x 14 x 5in 

48.26 x 35.5 x 12.7cm


When closed, approximately 9.75" x 8.5" x  4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Matthieu Volat
Portable and storable

I took this one more for when I am catsitting another cat and a second box is needed. The size is good, my cat is a bit small, and have lot of room in it, the height allow to put enough litter to be comfortable. The materials are resistant and easy to wash.

And it can be cleverly folded and is easily stored, that's really nice to save space in the appartment or the travel bags!

Worked great

Used the box for the first time and was nervous that either she wouldn't use it or it might not hold up. Happily it worked great,she used it and it didn't rip or fall apart. Clean up was easy and putting it away even easier. Makes life so much easier on the road

Vanessa Anderson
Best litter box

I travel around Europe with my cat and could not do it without this compact litter box. Very good quality, folds up small. Highly recommend for any travelers.

Kim Birgh-Pitkanen
When You’ve Got to Go

We take our cat with us to our cabin often. It’s about 2 hours plus stops and I always worried he would have to go. Well he did one day and it worked like a charm. Love that it zips up when not in use. I recommend.

Pat Melton
travel litter box

Haven't used it yet but I have a Maine Coon kitten and he loves to go places with me and so it will be used soon