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"The Navigator" Convertible Cat Backpack - For Adventurous Cats and Humans


"The Navigator" Convertible Cat Backpack - For Adventurous Cats and Humans



"The Navigator" is currently on back-order. Estimated ship date is September 15th. If you need other items sooner, please place seperate orders. 

Orders with "The Navigator" will be held until "The Navigator" is back in stock.
Calling all adventure cats! This is the ultimate cat travel backpack for you! 

Our newest cat backpack model, "The Navigator" Convertible Cat Backpack, was designed with rugged, outdoorsy kittiesand their pawrents in mind. With creative additions like fully mesh siding, extra pockets and zippers, and special storage for water, this is the best cat backpack for hiking and exploring. Whether you wear it as a cat hiking backpack or convert it to a traditional carrier, your furry friend will stay cozy and secure. Holds 1-2 cats up to 25 lbs.


The sleek, grey cat backpack includes:

  • A water reservoir pocket to store a water bladder bag (not included) -- perfect for hiking or a long day of travel!
  • A zippered pocket with three inside pockets and a key hook. Stay organized while in movement!
  • Two spacious side pockets to hold water bottles, cat treats, supplies, or anything else you might need!
  • Zipper clips on every zipper, to ensure that Fluffy is secure in their cat carrier for hiking.
  • A detachable and adjustable shoulder strap to quickly and easily convert the backpack to a traditional carrier.
  • An extended, soft plush mat that can sit at the base of the extra-large cat backpack AND unfold to cover the length of the carrier. It’s removable, making it easier to clean!
  • TWO clips and bungees that attach up to two cat harnesses, allowing them to safely “hang out” of the backpack’s front or top, without risk of them unexpectedly jumping out. Try also attaching one to your cat’s leash while they hike alongside you!
  • Strong mesh material that covers the top and sides of the big cat backpack. It offers great breathability and is completely resistant to cat claws. No tears on our watch!
  • Air holes in the front that provide additional ventilation. Bonus: they are a great way to slip your kitty treats!
  • Adjustable chest and shoulder straps that allow you to fit the backpack perfectly to your body, and provide extra support for your fur baby’s weight. The straps on this model adjust by both length and height!
  • An extra-long adjustable waist strap for additional support and comfort.
  • The ability to fold up and pack flat for easy storage and transportation!


Need a harness and leash for your cat? Check ours out! A retractable leash (designed especially for adventure cats!) is also available for purchase here.

Size & Material

Strong mesh & cozy fabric 



15 x 11.4 x 17.7in

38 x 29 x 45cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Butter the cat

We've only traveled around the house and yard so far but this is great! I had a smaller pack before but it wasn't much good. This one is a nice size and doesn't collapse on me. The net sure seems sturdy since I can't seem to shred it with my mighty claws. I'm feeling pretty safe inside when we go down to the mailbox (sure didn't want to on my leash).
Inside the house I use it for fun (and treats).

Emma Peatfield
The best cat backpack!!!

My cat is always so scared to go into his carrier and we wanted to bring him more places, so I purchased this backpack and I'm so glad I did!!! He loves it so much and it's so easy to get him in! It's great quality and comfortable to wear, even for a slightly heavy cat!
This backpack is a dream and I highly recommend it!

5 Stars

Our little guy loves his backpack. He seems to feel safe and secure when we take him out on little walks. And he even likes snoozing in the backpack when we're at home.
It was a pricey purchase, and we were concerned when he wouldn't go in at first, but we just left it out, and eventually, we found him napping in there! It all worked out, and now we can go anywhere! Our cat is about 12 lbs. and it's comfy to carry him. He's a long cat, but he seems to fit just fine.
We were also in contact with customer service about getting the right harness... they were a pleasure.
Highly recommend this backpack and the company.

Kimberly Hammer
Worth it!

This bag is pricey compared to others on Amazon, but it's so worth it. It's more comfortable to wear and has a lot of great features. Our 12lb Cairn Terrier loves it!

Tamara Haller
Almost Perfect

This is truly the most well-thought-out backpack I've seen. Everything is there for a reason and has a place to go when not in use. It's big and spacious for our cat, and I love the top and front opening. My only complaint is our cat is very small and the hook that attaches to her harness isn't long enough for her to comfortably lay down while she's connected to it. It also would have been nice if the waist strap was padded, but that's not a deal-breaker for me.