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"The Navigator" Convertible Cat Backpack - For Adventurous Cats and Humans


"The Navigator" Convertible Cat Backpack - For Adventurous Cats and Humans



"The Navigator" is currently on back-order. Estimated ship date is August 25th. If you need other items sooner, please place seperate orders. 

Orders with "The Navigator" will be held until "The Navigator" is back in stock.
Calling all adventure cats! This is the ultimate cat travel backpack for you! 

Our newest cat backpack model, "The Navigator" Convertible Cat Backpack, was designed with rugged, outdoorsy kittiesand their pawrents in mind. With creative additions like fully mesh siding, extra pockets and zippers, and special storage for water, this is the best cat backpack for hiking and exploring. Whether you wear it as a cat hiking backpack or convert it to a traditional carrier, your furry friend will stay cozy and secure. Holds 1-2 cats up to 25 lbs.


The sleek, grey cat backpack includes:

  • A water reservoir pocket to store a water bladder bag (not included) -- perfect for hiking or a long day of travel!
  • A zippered pocket with three inside pockets and a key hook. Stay organized while in movement!
  • Two spacious side pockets to hold water bottles, cat treats, supplies, or anything else you might need!
  • Zipper clips on every zipper, to ensure that Fluffy is secure in their cat carrier for hiking.
  • A detachable and adjustable shoulder strap to quickly and easily convert the backpack to a traditional carrier.
  • An extended, soft plush mat that can sit at the base of the extra-large cat backpack AND unfold to cover the length of the carrier. It’s removable, making it easier to clean!
  • TWO clips and bungees that attach up to two cat harnesses, allowing them to safely “hang out” of the backpack’s front or top, without risk of them unexpectedly jumping out. Try also attaching one to your cat’s leash while they hike alongside you!
  • Strong mesh material that covers the top and sides of the big cat backpack. It offers great breathability and is completely resistant to cat claws. No tears on our watch!
  • Air holes in the front that provide additional ventilation. Bonus: they are a great way to slip your kitty treats!
  • Adjustable chest and shoulder straps that allow you to fit the backpack perfectly to your body, and provide extra support for your fur baby’s weight. The straps on this model adjust by both length and height!
  • An extra-long adjustable waist strap for additional support and comfort.
  • The ability to fold up and pack flat for easy storage and transportation!


Need a harness and leash for your cat? Check ours out! A retractable leash (designed especially for adventure cats!) is also available for purchase here.

Size & Material

Strong mesh & cozy fabric 



15 x 11.4 x 17.7in

38 x 29 x 45cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Love it!

Love this backpack! My cat Gracie loves it and jumps right in and is ready for our next adventure! She has lots of areas to view out of plus it is roomy!

Z. Victoria
Let my review assuage your doubts

Firstly, I was not paid to say any of this. I paid full price for this backpack, of my own will and desire. It arrived sooner than expected (I was initially given a rather delayed expected date given COVID) but it got to me very quickly. I only have this picture of my cat in the backpack, which is so silly, I should take more.
To the point, my cat loves it, so do I and my S/O.
For my thoughts on the bag itself: It is meticulously crafted, not a stitch out of place. Sturdy, durable, the adjustability on the straps means I (F, 5’4”, 125lbs) can wear it comfortably and so can my S/O (M, 6’0”, 190lbs) Although I think being a larger person can only serve make it more comfortable, its still amazing on me too. The zippers and zipper clips are awesome, smarty cats won’t be able to get it open. The inner bungies to attach a harness are awesome (we haven’t used them yet but I’ve yanked on them a lot to test, they aren’t coming out) the little folding pad inside is great. The water bottle spot on the outside is an awesome function. Being convertible from backpack to more of a carrier style is stellar. The little cords built in so you can keeps the flaps rolled up are excellent and there are tabs inside that you can latch them onto so as not to dangle in your cats face. Was this pricey? Yes, but worth every penny. We’ve now had it for a couple months- its still just as awesome as when we first got it! Functionality above and beyond what anything else can offer.
For some kitty details: Our boy is 12lbs, pretty average cat size. I got this backpack knowing its spacious because he hates small spaces. Other cat carriers, inside the little kitty cubbies we’ve gotten him, inside paper bags which he’s curious about but won’t go inside of. We got him from a shelter that took him out of a bad neglect situation, we think that’s where he got his fear of small spaces.
Got this in the mail, packed wonderfully, and got it all expanded. I set it upright and called my boy over. I thought it would take a long time to get him to even poke his head in, but I reached my hand in through the top and he walked right in the open front and sat down. I zipped it shut, he didn’t look scared or distressed. I picked him up and went outside. He was curious to look around and cool as a cucumber, I was speechless. Now, I leave it on its side in our living room with the little zipper door open and he goes in and lays down. Its like a miracle. Its roomy in there for him and he can see whats going on. Now we’re harness training him and I think it’ll be even more exciting when we can leave the doors rolled up so he can see out.
If you’re debating buying this, just do it! You’ll be so happy you did.

Chris Palmer
Worth the wait

The backpack was worth the wait. Both of our little guys love being in it. Can’t say much more about it :)

Colleen Melville
The best that I've ssen

My girl absolutely loves it and feels safe in it. She loves to watch what's going on around her. The pocket to one side is a good size where I carry her leash plus a few other small things. The two pouches on the other side are a good size and deep. I can carry my water bottle in one and a cloth shopping bag in the other. The pocket inside the carrier is good for much more than a water bag. It's big enough from my iPad that easily fits a few papers to work on too without taking up her space. On hot summer days she has 'open' walls to get breeze going through it. She still had a lot of room in it when I had a cold pack, covered of course, under her. One of most beautiful thing that it has is both a waist belt AND a chest strap and have never seen both on any carrier that I've seen. It's of a good quality, strong, and a little too big for one and small cat but she doesn't complain about that. Other than feeling her move it's just like I'm wearing my regular backpack.

Darah Hall

We got this bag while our cat is a kitten to get her used to traveling. She instantly fell in love with it, enjoys playing and taking naps in it. Really well made and overall an awesome item.