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"The Porta-Pawty" Travel Litter Box - Portable Bathroom for Cats


"The Porta-Pawty" Travel Litter Box - Portable Bathroom for Cats



"The Porta-Pawty" Travel Litter Box is the best portable litter box on the market; we personally designed it to have all features that we wished other portable cat litter boxes had, but didn’t! This reusable, foldable litter box is good for the environment and your wallet, and is lightweight and easy to pack, store and clean, making it the perfect addition to your #TravelCatLife!


Some unique features of "The Porta-Pawty" include:

  • A larger than normal size to better accommodate bigger cats and minimize the amount of litter kicked out and messes made.
  • A waterproof, seamless interior liner that prevents leaks and is easy to clean in between uses. We do suggest using a litter box liner for ease, but they are not necessary.
  • A zippered top cover that eliminates the risk of spillage during transportation while in use, and locks in odor. You’ll no longer need to worry about fully discarding the litter every time you want to move locations!
  • Handles on either side to easily move the litter box while it is open and full. Additional protection against spills!
  • A large, extra pocket on top of the cover that can be used to store a little scoop or extra kitty litter.
  • A handy snap on the front of the litter box when folded, keeping it compact and easy to pack and store.

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Size & Material

Dimensions(when open):

19 x 14 x 5in 

48.26 x 35.5 x 12.7cm


When closed, approximately 9.75" x 8.5" x  4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Creative cat travel product

Folds up small but unfolds to a good sized litter box. Great for traveling.

Super handy for travel and camping!

This portable litter box has been super handy! We took our cat Kirby for a long road trip. For the trip, we got a large canvas crate for him to chill out in and we placed this travel litter box inside for him to use. It fit perfectly and was convenient for him to use! Also handy for camping trips as well.
Kirby is a larger cat, he's almost 17 lbs, so I worried it wouldn't be big enough. But for the road trips and camping the size worked out well.

Ari Miller
Apparently it’s fun too

What was originally purchased as her travel litter box has instead become her favorite toy. 5/5 stars for functional and fun!

Kelley Magill
Perfect cat box to travel with!

We drove across the country with our two big boy kitties. This box worked perfectly! Big enough for them, so convenient that one of our cats would even use it in the car! It is easy to move in and out of the car and hotels as you just zip it up and carry it by the top handle. I highly recommend this travel cat box!

Very Handy

We purchased this for our 6 month old kitten, who travels with us and does quite a few day trips. He took to it immediately we used his same litter and left it out where he could access it in his own time, no pressure. Now it’s in our car where he uses it whenever we go. It’s easy to clean, scoop holder attached and zip up until we need it again. FYI dog poop bags make disposing of waste a breeze. Great purchase