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"The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed & Cave

$49.99 $37.49

"The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed & Cave

$49.99 $37.49


Finally, a cat cave bed that looks great AND travels well. 


When open, "The Meowbile Home" is a cozy cat cave that your kitty will love to snuggle and snooze inside. The black cave interior is dark and cozy, making it a prime spot to relax and catch some zzz’s. Made with extremely soft fabric, inside and out. We apologize in advance if your cat opts to sleep in their cave more than in your bed with you!


The top of the grey cat cave also folds down into a lightweight, convertible cat bed, with a plush insert that you can place either inside or on top of the bed for extra padding and comfort. Two napping options are better than one, always.


It's easy to transport with a Travel Cat Branded drawstring carrying bag, ensuring that your kitty will feel at home no matter where you take them. It’s lightweight and compact; great for packing in a suitcase or carrying on its own!


Size & Material


25 x 18 x 17in

63.5 x 46 x 43cm 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Instant favorite

My older cat Ren has always been snobby about beds and toys. It would take months for him to even look at new things so I stopped buying him stuff. I brought Jim home about 5 months ago and he’s almost exclusively had Ren hand-me-downs so I thought this bed would be perfect for him! I didn’t even have it fully out of the travel bag (yesterday) before he was sniffing and making himself at home. Today I squished the top down to show Jim the other option and immediately Ren hopped in and slept for HOURS. Finally lured him out with treats so Jim could sleep in it tonight but I’m going to have to buy a second one so everyone’s happy!

Carolyn Orr
Frankie loves it!

Frankie is quite picky about his beds and if it’s a dome bed he likes a large entrance hole and plenty of room inside. He took to this bed immediately and snoozes in it all the time! He feels protected but can still peer out and see what is going on.

The Coziest Cat Cave

My cat freaking loves this thing! He's an old man (14 years old) and is constantly seeking heat sources. The bed inside the cave is so super soft and plush, I knew he would love it the moment I felt it. To introduce it to him I put the "roof" down with the bed on top. Once he slept in it a few times I popped the top and he crawled right in the cave. I often hear him snoring away in there. When he's all curled up inside it seems to generate heat, he even chooses this over his electric heated blanket now. Luckily he still gives me cuddles, but this is definetly his new go to bed!

Emersen Phillips
Purrfect for travel

I’m so in love with this cat bed. I love that it can be a hidey hole bed or a regular bed. I took it to an adoption event with my foster cats and the one pictured got adopted! He was confident, comfortable and happy in the travel cat bed! Super easy to transport with all of the stuff I had to carry too.

My cat loves it!

My 13lb chonker loves this! What an instant hit as a cat cave. Best cat purchase I have made in a long time.