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The Best Cat Scratchers and Why They're Important

If there’s one thing cat parents know for sure it’s that their children LOVE to scratch. They love to scratch couches, and drapes, and rugs, and even you. So a sure fire way to get their little adorable paws off your things (and you)  is to give them some inviting scratchers to sink their claws into. They’ll love ya for it because they’re not doing it to destroy, they’re doing it for their own physical health and mental wellness!

No really, scratching posts...

When it comes to scratchers there are three elements to consider; (1) sturdiness & stability (2) height (3) location

(1) Sturdiness & Stability—Cats go to town while scratching. They put so much energy and power into the act you need to make sure the scratcher is up for the challenge. That could even mean nailing or suction cupping the bad boy onto the floor, the windows, or the walls. We love our "The Window Wall Post" Cat Scratcher and "The Window Wall Ball" Suction Cat Scratcher for this very reason. They’re super sturdy and latch onto your windows or sliding doors which is perfect if you’re lacking floor space.  


"The Window Wall Post" Cat Scratcher

"The Window Wall Ball" Suction Cat Scratcher

(2) Height—Cats tend to reach upward and pull down against the posts, so it should be at least as tall as your cat’s monster stretch. We hear "The Classic Grey" Cat Scratcher is a crowd favorite, and "The Big Boy" Sisal & Felt Cat Tree Scratcher is the ultimate double threat because it not only serves as a scratcher, it’s also a perch. Just imagine them chilling on top, looking down at their kingdom. How glorious. 

"The Classic" Grey Cat Scratcher

"The Big Boy" Sisal & Felt Cat Tree Scratcher

(3) Location—This could be the most important decision you make to ensure the success of the scratcher. Cats like to scratch in some of the most prominent areas of the home so everyone can see who is the b-o-s-s. Cat Culture Tip: Try placing it in front of that piece of furniture your cat loved to scratch, as the location is probably why they scratched in the first place. If you’re hesitant to put it so front and center, check out "The Cozy Hideaway" Cat Bed Shelf & Scratcher. It’s really so beautiful it can blend into almost any aesthetic. 

"The Cozy Hideaway" Cat Bed Shelf & Scratcher

Your biggest takeaway here is that we’ll never stop cats from scratching, but we can offer them some mighty fine alternatives to our favorite armchairs or that antique dining room table leg from Aunt Rita. 

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