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Three Secrets to Choosing the Perfect Cat Bed

Cat beds are a v practical investment when it comes to the comfort and confidence of your cat. For real, they gotta sleep and they’ll do it almost anywhere! We’d put cat beds on our essentials list next to items like scratching posts, litter boxes, and heck, even food.  

Not only do cat beds promote a restful night sleep, which is good for their health, they also signal safety and ownership. How? Cat beds are what the cat biz call a scent soaker. Never heard of it? We swear we’re not making it up. Scent soakers [beds, scratching posts, cat trees] are pretty important because they absorb your cat’s scent and provide a clear message for the entire house— ‘Hey! This baby is mine.’ The ability to claim something as their own is a sure fire way to calm your cat and have them strutting around like they own the place. 


Ok, so we’ve gotten to the part of the article where you’re convinced that a cat bed is important, right? PERFECT! So now what? We bestow upon you the three golden nuggets when it comes to cat bed buying; texture, shape, and location. 

How to Choose a Cat Bed Your Cat will Actually Use

Texture—There are so many beds to choose from because every cat has different preferences. Some may want something soft and squishy like the "The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed & Cave, while others may want something more stiff and scratchy like the "The Accordion" Travel Cardboard Bed & Scratcher.

There’s even "The Cozy Hideaway" Cat Bed Shelf & Scratcher , which is the best of both texture worlds.

"The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed & Cave

"The Accordion" Travel Cardboard Bed & Scratcher

"The Cozy Hideaway" Cat Bed Shelf & Scratcher

Shape—Yep, it matters. A round "Donut!" Cat Hideaway Cave bed can feel like a warm hug, while something more square shaped could mimic the vibe of their favorite "The Simple Box Hideaway" Cat Bed Box. Some cats really dig a dark and cozy place to hide, especially in open common spaces.

No more running and hiding underneath the bed when you have something like the "The Floor Flower" Cat Bed & Cave. And let’s not forget, you may have a super trendy cat on your hands so they might want something like a "The Glamper" Grey Cat YurtWe’re still waiting for this bad boy to come in our size.  

"Donut!" Cat Hideaway Cave
   "The Simple Box Hideaway" Cat Bed Box
"The Simple Box Hideaway" Cat Bed Box

"The Floor Flower" Cat Bed & Cave

   "The Glamper" Grey Cat Yurt
"The Glamper" Grey Cat Yurt

Location—Once you find the texture and shape your cat is going to love, it’s time to consider where you’re going to place it. Is your cat more of a ground floor dweller or do they prefer the high-rise shelf life? Or maybe it’s the penthouse suite at the top of the hottest real estate in your home—the refrigerator? Cats are also suckers for the sunshine, so if all else fails find a nice, secluded spot in the sun for them to soak it all in. 

And after all this work it still might seem you’ve done it all wrong. You could’ve picked the right texture, and shape, and location but your cat still seems disinterested. Don’t freak out. Don’t move the bed around every 5 minutes. Don’t replace the bed. Don’t second guess yourself. Give them some time to warm up to it all. Because the feeling of watching your little one curl up or stretch out on their very own bed is totally worth the wait. 

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