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The Best Gifts for Picky Cat People & Their Cats

You know the drill... November rolls around, Thanksgiving comes and goes, and it seems like just a few days later it's December 24th and you're desperate to find a thoughtful gift. Don't get stuck handing over an Am*zon giftcard (for the 123087th time). 


Thankfully, we caught you just in time and there are still a few weeks left to do some digging and find the perfect gifts for every cat parent on your list.

We're even giving you 10% off site-wide. Let's dive in, shall we? 

Here's our cat gift guide, to help a fellow cat parent out and give you an inside scoop on the best cat gifts out there, for you or your best furriends. Take a look below at the best gifts for cats & cat people, and maybe even pick out something for your own wish list. We won't tell 😽

Cat Backpack

Cat backpacks... need we say more? They are the perfect gift for that ultra-explorer friend and their kitty, or for those who want to run errands without leaving their cat behind. Not only do cat carrier backpacks let us roam hands-free, but they give us way more time with our kitties. The three backpacks we carry are:  "The Navigator" Convertible Cat Backpack for Adventurous Cats, "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack for Larger Cats, and "The Jackson Galaxy" Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier



"The Jackson Galaxy" Convertible Cat Backpack  ($139.99)

"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack for Larger Cats ($119)

The Oasis Cat Box 

For those of us who love plants and cats... so everyone, right? "The Oasis Cat Box" is where it's at. This modern and stylish cardboard box pyramid serves as a cozy hideaway for your cat, and a beautiful piece of decor for your home. The 'Oasis' print features a painterly tropical leaf and speckle pattern, illustrated by the founder of "kitty kardboard", a women-owned company based in Los Angeles, USA!

"The Oasis" Cat Box  ($49.99)

Cat Puzzles

The purrfect gift for anyone who loves cozying up on the couch with their kitty for a good night of puzzling. We have four different puzzles created by artists & illustrators who love all things cat: "Feast Fancy" by Megan Kott"Jungle Cat" by Niki Waters, "Catropolis" by Beth Spencer, and "Hardcore Kitty" by Danielle V. 

These cute cat puzzles are a limited edition at Cat Culture, as part of our exclusive artist puzzle series. That's right - you can't find these meowsterpieces anywhere else! Bundle them all together, here! Support two small businesses at once and get your puzzle on with this puzzle bundle of all things cat. 

"Catropolis" Exclusive Cat & Plant Puzzle by Cat Culture & Beth Spencer  ($24.99)

"Feast Fancy" by Megan Kott ($24.99)


Cat Cave & Bed 

Finally, a cat cave bed that looks great AND travels well! When open, "The Meowbile Home" is a cozy cat cave that your kitty (or friend's fur baby) will love to snuggle and snooze inside. The top of the grey cat cave also folds down into a lightweight, convertible cat bed that’s easy to transport, ensuring that your pet will feel at home no matter where you take them. 

"The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed & Cave  ($49.99)

Cat T-Shirts

Because being cat-obsessed is cool. We collaborated with diverse artists to bring you our Cat Culture Artist Series: exclusive, limited-edition designs that can only be found on Cat Culture Market. Showcase your love for cats and independent artwork with these limited edition designs. Our artists receive a portion of each sale - you support two small businesses at a time when it comes to our apparel line. We have numerous designs in this collection, so there is something for everyone! 


"Lap Cat" - Exclusive Limited Edition Cat Culture Unisex T-Shirt by 50/50 Company  ($39.99)

"Cat Life is Good" - Exclusive Limited Edition Cat Culture Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt by Megan Lynn Kott ($39.99)


"Ying Yang Cats" - Exclusive Limited Edition Cat Culture Unisex T-Shirt by Niki Waters ($39.99)


Cat Stickers & "Adopt Don't Shop" Pin

We've got the coolest cat stickers & pins out there. Designed by independent artists and illustrators, these stickers are made of super durable vinyl and can be stuck on just about anything - they won't fade in the sun, or get all gross on your water bottle! Our pins are also the cutest, and come in multiple designs, including our favorite mantra, "Adopt Don't Shop"! Check out all the goods here

Weatherproof Vinyl "Cataroni & Cheese" Giant Vinyl Sticker ($6)


"Adopt Don't Shop" Pin designed by Beth Spencer ($2.00)

Catnip Fish Toy

"The Fishy Friend Classic" Catnip Kicker Toy will be your kitty's new bff. This catnip kicker toy is made of eco-friendly fabric, and has a refillable catnip compartment that your cat won't be able to get enough of. 

"The Fishy Friend Classic" Refillable Catnip Kicker Toy ($7.99)

Cat Tarrot

Cat tarrot cards? Um, yes please.

Illustrated by one of our fav artists, Megan Kott, this design brings an entertaining and modern twist to the classic deck of tarot cards filled with whimsical cat illustrations and feline humor. 

Cat Tarot by Megan Kott ($19.95)


Portable Cat Litter Box

The Porta-Pawty" Travel Litter Box is the best portable litter box on the market; we personally designed it to have all features that we wished other portable cat litter boxes had, but didn’t! This reusable, foldable litter box is good for the environment and your wallet, and is lightweight and easy to pack, store and clean. 

"The Porta Pawty" Travel Litter Box ($39.99)


Cat Tote Bag

Love indie artists and cat puns? We've got the perfect cat tote bags for you. Reduce single-use plastic bags and share your love for cats while doing it. Our "Bookish Cats" Reusable Shopping Bag and "Cats are My Bag" Organic Tote make a great gift for any cat lover & are perfect for cat cafes! Need a place to stash your spoiled kitty fund? This "Cat Toy Money Pouch" does just the trick. 


"Cat Toy Money Pouch" ($12)

"Cats are My Bag" Organic Canvas Tote


Cat Tree with Scratching Post

These scratching post toys are the whole package. Cats need designated space to scratch, and our cat scratching posts provide many options for play as well. Check out a few of our fan favorites! 

"The Big Boy" Sisal & Felt Cat Tree Scratcher  ($89.99)

"The Classic Grey" Cat Scratcher ($34.99)

"The Cozy Hideaway" Cat Bed Shelf & Scratcher ($149.99)

Wall Cat Scratcher

This wall cat scratcher adds a new element of fun. It sticks right to your wall, so your kitty can parkour to their little heart's content. Since it's attached to the wall, it gives your cat another play area that doesn't also take up precious floor space! 

"The Window Wall Ball" Suction Cat Scratcher ($64.99)

Cat Magnets

Deck out your fridge with our cat magnets! We have different styles designed by indie artists. Check out this pawsitively purrfect tour through modern art history by Mudpuppy and introduce modern art meowsters with this set of magnets each inspired by an iconic style of art!


Artsy Cat Magnets ($9.99)

Kitten Harness & Leash

Cats need to explore! Outdoor time is a great way to stimulate them and switch up their environment. This strong and comfortable cat & kitten harness and leash set will help you confidently take your cat out walking, training, hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Check out our newest pattern - "The Cash Cat!" 

"The Cash Cat" Limited Edition Harness & Leash Set ($30)

Cat Face Mask

Stand out in the sea of face masks with these cool & unique handmade cat face masks. Whether you're in the mood for a little intergalactic cat or a whole array of cozy kitties, we've got the mask for you. 

Cat Face Masks ($11.99)


We hope that this list was helpful! If multiple items sparked your interest, we've got you covered - check out our bundles page to get a sweet discount & win at gift-giving this year. Don't forget, our 10% off sale is still going on! No code needed, just shop your little heart out and your cart will automatically be updated.